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What Is Nmap ?/*

Nmap :- Network Mapper , is a free open source tool for vulnerability scanning and for network discovery.
Most pentester and hacker use this tool to scan networks and to find vulnerability , and also discover hosts , ports, services etc
Nmap is mostly used by network administrator to identify what devices are running on their system s , discovering hosts , services , open ports and detecting security risks

Hackers use Nmap to find ?

Which systems are up ? 

Which services are running on these systems  ?

Nmap Uses ?

1. ARP Scan
2. ICMP Scan
3. TCP/UDP Scan


1. Any Linux Distro 
2. Linux Basic 
3. Nmap Tool
4. Nmap Basic


Termux - apt install nmap

Arch - sudo pacman -S nmap

Kali Linux - sudo apt install nmap 

  1. Download the latest version of Nmap in .tar.bz2 or .tgz  format from
  2. Decompress the downloaded file
  3. bzip2 -cd nmap-<VERSION>.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -
  4. cd nmap-<VERSION>
  5. Configure :- ./configure

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