How To Install Theme In Termux In One Click

How To Install Theme In Termux
How To Install Theme In Termux In One Click 2

How To Install Theme In Termux


In the realm of mobile development environments, Termux stands out as a robust terminal emulator for Android users. Beyond its powerful command-line capabilities, Termux allows for a personalized touch through the installation of themes. This guide navigates you through the seamless process of installing themes using the termux-os tool, elevating both the aesthetics and functionality of your Termux terminal.

Understanding Termux

Termux serves as a versatile open-source terminal emulator for Android, offering a Linux-like experience on mobile devices. Its extensive package repository and the ability to install additional tools make it a flexible and customizable development environment which is based on linux environment. you can run many tools and scripts without laptop or linux in a apk


Before embarking on the journey of theme installation, ensure that your Termux environment is properly set up.

  1. Termux Installation: Begin by downloading and installing Termux from the F-Droid.
  2. termux-os Tool Installation: Equip your Termux environment with the termux-os tool through the following commands:
pkg update
pkg upgrade
pkg install git

Install Theme In Termux

With the prerequisites in place, let’s dive into the straightforward process of installing a theme using the termux-os tool. Don’t forget to star my repo

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1. Choose a Theme

Select a theme that resonates with your preferences and is compatible with termux-os. Themes are often hosted on platforms like GitHub or discussed in various online forums.

2. Download the Theme

Once you’ve identified a theme, download it using tools like git or wget. For instance:

git clone https://github.com/h4ck3r0/Termux-os

Replace <theme_repository_url> with the actual URL of the theme repository.

3. Navigate to Theme Directory

Change your working directory to the one where the theme files are located:

cd Termux-os

Replace <theme_directory> with the name of the theme directory.

4. Install the Theme

Execute the following command to install the theme using termux-os:

bash os.sh

Confirm the installation when prompted by typing ‘y’ and pressing Enter.

5. Apply the Theme

Once installed, apply the theme using the following command:

Select Option As Your Wish

Witness the transformation of your Termux environment with the applied theme.

Watch video for further setup


To use all the features use Highlight / Autosuggestion option , it will install banner and shell design as well .

  • Added Termux Extra Keys
  • Added Banner
  • Added Own made Advance zsh theme
  • Added Highlight / Autosuggestion


If you encounter issues during the installation or the theme doesn’t apply as expected, consider the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Refer to the documentation provided by the theme’s author for specific guidance.
  • Ensure that the theme is compatible with the version of termux-os you have installed.
  • If issue still persist then just re setup the theme and then contact admin


This theme uses zsh shell so you don’t need to uninstall it just change your shell back to bash. In the tool there is an option to change shell.

chsh -s bash


Customizing your Termux terminal with themes using the termux-os tool adds a personal touch to your command-line experience. install theme in termux As you explore different themes, take the opportunity to understand their configurations and interactions with the termux-os tool. Embrace the flexibility of Termux, transforming your mobile device into a portable development environment that aligns with your unique style and preferences.

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