How To Install Metasploit On Any Linux ( All Linux)

Install Metasploit On Any Linux


Metasploit is a advance tool which provides many features to find vulnerability in Android and also on Windows

Through this you can try different vulnerability by taking access through it and perform many tasks through it. It is famous and power full that is used by many h4ck3rs.

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Install Metasploit On Any Linux

Installation is easy as playing pubg

  • Open the terminal.

If your new to linux 

  • sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y

Make sure your packages is uptodate to avoid unexpected errors

Install some required packages

  • sudo apt install curl

Copy paste this command

curl > msfinstall && chmod 755 msfinstall && ./msfinstall

Keeeeeep Patience

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It required at least 15 min to install or may it vary according to operating system and internet connection

After the installation completes, open a terminal window and type the following to start msfconsole:

  • . /msfconsole or just type msfconsole

After running metasploit you can find many options with the help of help command 

  • help

You can find info through info command 

  • Info

You can aslo search

  • search

You can also find option about parameter

  • show options

Set the options 

  • set lport xxxx
  • set lhost

Use command

  • use exploit xxxx


  • exploit


In this post I show how to Install Metasploit On Any Linux. That’s mean you can install metasploit framework in any operating system which is based on linux by the following command mentioned above. If you face some error then you can create forum in linux section.

Some QnA

Q: How can I install Metasploit in a Proot environment?

A: Answer Is already provided you can install it by using above method.  Install metasploit on any linux

Q: What is the purpose of installing metasploit

A: I you want to learn new things then it is best for you to find vulnerabilities and have skills to fix it. It is a professional tool used by various network administrator to find vulnerabilities and to fix it

Q: Can Metasploit Used For Malicious Purpose? 

A: No metasploit is just for to test network and for ethical purpose only, if you misuse it then it is illegal and someone can take action against you.

Q: How Often Is Metasploit Update? 

A: It is well maintained by developers and get updates periodically.

Q: Can Metasploit Is Customizable? 

A: Yes, you can also create your own exploits, vulnerabilities , pay loads for testing

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