Steghide Tutorial For Termux ( Beginner )

Steghide Tutorial For Termux ( Beginner )


Distro : Termux 

User : Raj Aryan


Steghide is a steganography program that is able to hide data in various kinds of image- and audio-files. The color- respectivly sample-frequencies are not changed thus making the embedding resistant against first-order statistical tests.

       Features  include  the  compression  of the embedded data,

       encryption of the embedded data  and  automatic  integrity

       checking  using a checksum. The JPEG, BMP, WAV and AU file

       formats are supported for use as cover file. There are  no

       restrictions on the format of the secret data.

How does it hide files (simple explanation)?

According to its manual, this is what it does.

If you hide a text file using an image, then after ‘Steghide’ encrypts and compresses the text file, it’ll also ‘convert’ its data to look like it holds data of an image (pixels!). If you use an audio file instead of the image, then it’ll ‘convert’ the text data into ‘audio samples’. That’s how the data becomes ‘invisible’ once gets mixed.


Install Termux

apt update && apt upgrade 

pkg install steghide 


 $ steghide embed -cf picture.jpg -ef secret.txt

  Enter passphrase:

  Re-Enter passphrase:

  embedding “secret.txt” in “picture.jpg”… done

 $ steghide extract -sf picture.jpg

  Enter passphrase:

  wrote extracted data to “secret.txt”.

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