What Is Darkweb Android | By H4Ck3R

What Is Darkweb Android | By H4Ck3R

Darkweb Android

it is a part of deepweb where only illegal activity happens . Internet divided into three parts 1. Surface web 2. Deep web 3. Dark web . Surface is only 4 % on internet and remaing 96 % is Deep web . In Deep web , darkweb where found and here you can find smuggling , firearms marketplace , drugs seller , hackers etc.

What Is Darkweb Android | By H4Ck3R

Starting of Darkweb

One or rumour is darkweb is used by different communities , secret society , space community , millitiary, etc to share information . Because we can’t access darkwebs without full address .

As we know going to darkweb too risky for normal people because it is very dangerous .

What Is Darkweb Android | By H4Ck3R

Why we use darkwebs?

People use this to hide there work from everyone also from government.

1. Its Anonymisation

2. Uses of cryptocurrency

3. No tracking sytem

4. No one can block any site or stop darkweb

Darkweb Android

What Is Darkweb Android | By H4Ck3R

Can we track ?

In simple word we can’t track, one of the reason is uses of cryptocurreny for transaction , onion sites, no valid information. anonymous owner, no id proofs etc

that’s the reason government can’t stop spreading of darkwebs over the world. Darkweb Android

How to open ?

Tor allows users to browse the internet anonymously by routing their connection through a network of volunteer-operated servers, making it extremely difficult to trace their online activities.

On the Dark Web, websites use the “.onion” domain instead of traditional domain extensions like “.com” or “.org.” These “.onion” websites are not indexed by search engines, and their URLs are often complex strings of letters and numbers, further concealing their identities. Darkweb Android

All links are available in pdf

Download : Click here

Watch Video : Click Here


The Dark Web is a complex and multifaceted part of the internet that both fascinates and alarms users. While it is true that illegal activities occur within its depths, it is also a refuge for those seeking privacy and security in an increasingly interconnected world

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